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French Green Clay

Best For: Rejuvenation, Healing, Troubled Skin, Pore Tightening

Good For: Overall skin revitalization, Skin Calming


What it is:  French Green Clay is the most commonly recognized clay across the globe. Sometimes called Illite Clay or Sea Clay, French Green Clay has two very important features that cause it to be green, it's also a mark of quality. First is the Iron Oxide and the second is decomposed plant matter. The green isn't from plant matter being added to it, rather the result of the earth's natural cycles. Fine quality clay like the French Green Clay we offer is light green in color, this clay should never be medium to deep green, white or gray. This clay is quarry mined in France.


What it does: This clay is finely pulverized which gives it the ability to work far better at the absorption of toxins and impurities like dust, oils, contaminants like makeup. This is the first choice for health and spa professionals for skin treatments of general use than any other clay variety. It's more effective in general treatments because of how effective it is on rejuvenation. It's ability to tighten pores, increase circulation and calm skin are extra benefits of this clay. The combination of naturally occurring mineral oxides makes this clay a true workhorse for beauty treatments. This is a great alternative to a Moroccan Red Clay routine.


How to use: Just pour into the palm of your hand, add water a few drops at a time and mix with your finger until you get the desired consistency. Mineral free (distilled) water is best, then just apply to your skin.  Apply evenly for best results. If the clay is too thick, add a few drops of water, if the mask is too thin, simply add more clay.

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