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Moroccan Red Clay

Best For: Cleansing, Detoxification, Skin Conditioning, Treating Blackheads

Good For: Face and Body Masks, Exfoliation


What it is:  Moroccan Red caly is also known as Red Clay, Ghassoul Clay, and Oxide Clay. It comes from Morocco where it is quarry mined and sun dried. It is high in Silica and Magnesium and typiclly a rate of 55% and 25%, respectively. This clay has an earthy smell to it and packs a few hidden talents. Used as commonly as French Green Clay, it definatley has a foothold in top knotch spas. This is a great alternative to a French Green Clay routine.


What it does: This clay has several applications. While this clay makes an excellent facial mask, it's also a great cleanser and exfoliant. This clay is known for it's ability to improve skin texture, reduces dryness and removes excess oils from surface skin. It's blackhead fighting abilities are what makes this clay uniquie. No other clay fights blackheads by removing oils from inside and and around blackheads. Skin elasticity is improved as is clarity from single use. The bulk of the strength comes from ion exchange, exfoliation and lots of theraputic qualities.


How to use: As a cleanser, mix the clay into a small dish and apply to the skin. The mixture can be thin. As a skin treatment, just pour into the palm of your hand, add water a few drops at a time and mix with your finger until you get the desired consistency. Mineral free (distilled) water is best, then just apply to your skin.  Apply evenly for best results. If the mask is too thick, add a few drops of water, if the clay is too thin, simply add more clay. This clay expands with water and contracts as it dries, be careful not to apply this mask too thick.

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