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Wyoming Clay

Best For: Skin Cleansing, Acidic Skin, Detoxifying Skin

Good For: Overall Skin Treatment, All Skin Types, Skin Maintenance


What it is:  Wyoming Clay is a volcanic ash sediment clay sometimes called Montmorillonite. This clay is more alkaline then the other clays, similar in range to sea water and baking soda. Great for all types of skin, and is generally great for skin routines. This clay is very soft and applies very smoothly. Containing mostly Silica and Aluminum. This clay also swells when mixed with water.


What it does: The ion charge of Wyoming clay it's it's unique ability since the charge helps to attract heavy metals, absorb toxins in the skin and other impurities. The molecular structure of the clay traps the toxins in the charge, bonding with the impurity on the outer walls of the skin so the toxin is washed away with the clay. Great as a cleanser and ideal for detoxifying skin and increased circulation. This clay is great for any skin type is very mild.


How to use: Just pour into the palm of your hand, add water a few drops at a time and mix with your finger until you get the desired consistency. Mineral free (distilled) water is best, then just apply to your skin.  Apply evenly for best results. If the mask is too thick, add a few drops of water, if the mask is too thin, simply add more clay.

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