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Our Philosophy

At Omega Skincare, we believe that the best products for natural beauty come from, well, nature of course!  We seek out the best raw materials and only offer products that have been tested to ensure we can back up our promise to offer a new, all-natural beauty experience. 


We feel that it's important that we offer only the best quality components in our beauty experience to give the best quality to you. 


Above all, we won't want you to put anything on your face or body that we won't put on ours.

Luxury Clay

Clay is great for skin, but it's important to know what kind of clay is right for you. It's best to start with our White clay since our White clay does not draw any of the oils from skin.  This is out most gentle clay good for all skin types.  This clay combines easily with water and can be easily applied.  Our French Green clay is perfect for rejuvenation and our Moroccan Red is ideal for detoxifying and general skin health.  Bentonite is best for oily skin and the Illuminating clay is superb at smoothing out skin tone. All of our fine clays are in powder form since we feel that premixing only adds unecessary water weight and preservatives.  Mix the clay to the consistency you like!

Staying Green

Going green and staying green has been a snap for us at Omega Skincare.

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At this time we are accepting correspondance by email since we want to make sure we reach every person. 


We will either email or call you back, whichever your preference!


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